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Various Artists, Region Zero [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT007, 2004]

September 14th, 2004

regionzeroThe title “Region Zero a Boltfish recordings sampler” is self-explanatory. Boltfish is a relatively newly started record label and they’ve already reached their 7th release. It’s a good compilation of electronic music from their roster of artists. The common denominator of the collected tracks, if any, is the fact that many of them are quite nostalgic sounding looking back to those days that passed and the musical references are many. But, the productions techniques are contemporary to say the least, giving the listener a range of tracks with excellent production, warmth and precise sound. The opening track “Anamorph” by (Bal-a-klah-va) with its analogue electronic bass sounds, Zainetica’s “Disorder” and Karmøy’s “Klem” are all examples of precisely that. Cheju’s “Camellia” incorporates Asian (Japanese?) vocals and J. Aure’s Silent Starlight has some nice drum machine sounds at work. However there are some tracks that don’t fit the above general description at all. Like the acoustically based “Untitled #3” by Richard Houghten that could have been picked off any Moulin release by the French MP3-label Adim (heavliy featured here at ED) or Countrytripside’s scary monster in disguise, starting off with mellow and acoustic sounding guitars that moves along slowly. In comes the electrically powered guitars… intense and frightening. And then there’s Mint and the aptly titled “Growing Older” filled with analogue bliss, strings and a steady light treading drum machine-like beat. If the title bears any meaning, it’s homage to the early days of electronic music and maybe, just maybe to the bright future that once belonged to us all. Very nice indeed. Ending this compilation is the beautiful “Morning Glory” by BBWax, which is a decidedly ambient number. Boltfish recordings is an MP3/physical hybrid label, that means that their entire catalogue is released and available online for free to download or to buy in physical form. The occasional physical releases may they be CDR or CD are severally limited (the current reviewed release is a 300 pieces run.). Both the packaging and the website looks really nice and the rooster of Boltfish promises more, much more. To the Boltfish people I say: continued good luck and success with the label.

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