Reverbaphone, Our Heart Beats With Joy (The Curved World Outside) [Benbecula – BEN026, 2004]

reverbephoneThe more I listen to this release the more apparent it becomes to me that there’s a direction within electronic music that focuses on the acoustic parts in an increasingly unbalanced electronic/acoustic mixture. And now it seems like, quite surprisingly I might add, that the Scottish label Benbecula home to among others the talented and oddly named artist Christ, is striking a similar path.In any event that is most definitely the case if the latest Benbecula offering, Reverpahone’s album “Our Heart Beats With Joy (The Curved World Outside)” is anything to go by. On this album the acoustic/electronic experiment is driven to the acoustic extreme. It’s a singer/songwriter anthem with a twist and it comes directly from the Scottish moors. There are clearly musical dangers involved with this approach or as a close music producing friend of mine aptly puts it “It’s not a good idea to try to make electronic music using acoustic instruments and vice versa.” Unfortunately that may very well be the case with Reverpahone’s album.However one thing is beyond doubt and that is that it is an album that is close to impossible to categorise. The same could be said for the label releasing this album. Where will Benbecula go next? Now, there you have a question that is impossible to answer.