Cheju, As the Leaves Turn [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT006, 2004]

as_the_leaves_turn_printOn this MP3/CDR release from the Boltfish label, Cheju delivers four tracks of well-executed programming, melodic construction and quite a lot of atmosphere. The nostalgic factor is high, so is the production quality, high that is. The opening track “Shinchon” has qualities that any electronic music listener can appreciate. “Dragon head rock” builds along the same lines of thought, but is not as convincing. The third track on the EP “Sometimes” is an excellent track with subbass to go and very apt rhythmic compositions. It grooves in a very compelling way. I would say it was made for the big sound system and I can’t wait to hear it on one. Simply lovely! “Departure” is a virtually beatless track with soaring soundscapes of solitude that also marks the end of the EP in a fitting way. The sixth release is a good effort by Cheju and readily reflects the musical direction of Boltfish Recordings.