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I Am Strangely Affected

October 22nd, 2019

Yes, it is yet another loss… yet, another funeral and one being remotely situated in time, and I am strangely affected.

Why is that? I’m not entirely sure and I am indeed somewhat surprised of it being like so. I would not have thought so.

I’m holding a wake of some sort and that is equally surprising to me. I suspect that it has to do with history (as always), my own history in particular.

The loss is tied to my own history/memory, it is connected to another time, that has passed and that I’m relating to; the: way-back-times.

I guess that I’m just reminiscing. That I’m pondering as per usual the idea(s) or thoughts-of-the-imagined-future-to-be, in as many words.

I feel strange, affected or possibly estranged. In all honesty it is all quite surprising to me.

Or, maybe, is it simply that which is shared? The elder recognizing the youth and effort?

For the sake of continuity, and for the belief in; Europe, Education, Manors, Clothing, Shoes, Art, Music, History and in the end in Civilization itself?

Missed and remembered.

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