What Is This Pressure? Destruction.

The one and only DJ STORM!

“First Lady”, gender? Non-valid, and I did change the heading from “What Is She Playing?” to “What Is This Pressure? Destruction.”.

For sure one of the best if not the best drum’n’bass DJ alive.

Mayhem and destruction. The set and the uncompromising musical pressure?

Pedigree, sure there is the Metalheadz heritage, but the skills? They can not and should never be questioned. The pure technicality and the selection?

That is pure talent, knowledge and the thing that separates a specialist from the rest.

It is the definition of being Elite. True steppa, and it is so hard to do… records at hand or not, it is an art and it is an artwork.

Hail, the one and only DJ Storm! Better than the rest. “The rude-girl Steppa!” (not my invention…).

“- Do I really need to have MC:s?”
“- No, but t is not my call. Sorry.”

In the silence and shadow of the drums and the basses; “Kill all MC:s” or simply shut up already or do it sometime…

The pressure? It is beyond, “One session”, it is dangerous and reckless playing. If you could just understand… Playing records like that?

“- What are you going to teach the people? What is the next track?”

That is my funeral right there. Simply rude playing.

“- Storm runnin’! watch the ride.”.

“- Save the people!”

One Love!