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Move On Rasta!

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

Just do it.

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Fire Upon Them!

October 15th, 2017 Comments off

Let it rain. Like it was told in the big book. When it rained.

They were punished because they attempted to rape angels… and then GOD got upset and punished the wrongdoers and everyone else…

It says so in the book? Salt and sulphur rained from the sky. It rained and everyone died. They all died at that moment.

Then God, the almihty father killed his only son that was in fact himself? I’m not ready to accept that. It is even more complicated. Since I have not addressed the trinity and I am going to do so.

I can say this, Augustine should not have converted. It must be the worst decision ever. In well over 2000 years.

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The Last Show?

October 10th, 2017 Comments off

There is no edit. It is a “none-true” picture. I prefeer the “real” world,

Kill the breaks? You are trying to kill the UK-breaks? Sucvsess, picture will be black…

Actually I will change it now. You are trying to kill the breaks? Why would you do want to do that?

I took a photo and uploaded it directly. So? It is was beautiful. It was a picture of our moon? Reflecting the light of our sun.

Details? iPhone 5S. No editing. The image? No, it is not the picture I took. Hardware.

But, where is the actual picture? I will need to find it. It is close by. There is no time too waste.

Tracks? Just ask me. Junior tells me… “- I don’t have time now, my boys are waiting for me.”

My pride and joy. I can hear him laughing, being happy, being funny and teen? It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard/seen in my entire life. “My life” as Mary sang once upon…

The most beautiful thing I ever heard/saw, in my life.


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October 8th, 2017 Comments off

“- What can be said in one sentence takes you at least 15 minutes.”

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What Is That Other Brightly Shining Thing In The Sky?

October 7th, 2017 Comments off

As far as I know it is still quite a mystery.

Our moon is too large and it is only its size that controls our planet’s rotation and stabilizes it. In fact our very existence is dependent upon it.

You know the, the laws of gravity? Newton did explain those things, so did Leibniz by the way.

We have a moon? You have heard about the tides? Have you ever seen them? The tides? It’s quite impressive thing.

That is, the moon moving the oceans on earth. Have you ever tried to move anything? That’s gravity for you. Moving the oceans…

Finally: we all know that our moon doesn’t shine at all, it reflects the light coming from the sun. The reason why it is so bright? It is closer than anything else.

Helios. (Please see below… )

I just took a picture with my stupid phone? Do you look at the skye? Ever? It looks exaktly like that. No tricks… I just took a picture of the skye?

You want to follow a differnt road? OK. I am not interessted. I spent my life-time doing something completetly different. And I will pursue it.

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Ae? You Should Undertand It By Now?

October 1st, 2017 Comments off

1995? I can not help you.

It is Ae = Autechre on Warp 1995?

It just does not get any better. If you claim anythign other?

Plz, bring the really big boots. 1995? If that is OK. Then that is OK. I know one, two, trhree maybe four people. If you are the fitth? Please step up to they plate.

Ae 95? Really?

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What? Hold on. Nazis? Come On? You Need To Stop The Bus/Train Right Now!

September 30th, 2017 Comments off

Neo-Nazis? Really? They are marching on the streets? You need to explain that to me in person. Nazists? 100 miljon died in other to defeat them?

Are you telling me that they are back? Is that what you are telling me? The Nazists are back?

A Yes/No question?

– Nazis exista today?
– Yes they do.

Then we will have to fight them. Again. Long time before I was born. The bog war ended 1945?

That is just unacceptable to me. Nazis? That is just impossble too me.

– Do you know a Nazi?
– No, I don’t.

That is a good thing. Impossibility. There will be war.

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I Am So Sorry But You Will Have Too Choose, Mm, Yes You Too

September 30th, 2017 Comments off

Why? Well it is not an actual decision? You don’t get to decide, you just have to do it. We all have to do that?

But, why do I have to do that? You are a human aren’t you?

“Halcyon + On + On”? If it was not broken already? That is f**ing it. Broken down.

And I destroyed my all-time favourite track (that is not true, but I should not have played it…) “Belfast”. There was a reason. But it was the saddest moment ever in my life. But art, real art must be about strong feelings? “Real” art concerns life-defining moments?

Seeing someone you love die? I mean? Is that the overstretch?

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If I Ask You?

September 22nd, 2017 Comments off

I ask you? Electro (what is it?) and you answer me “Electronic music”.

That will not do. That is not an answer. It doesn’t mean anything? Void. It may be an honest response, but it is devoid of meaning. It is upsetting. I don’t know or I don’t care?

Genre is not the question. I could have asked about Avishai Cohen Trio. It is jazz?

It worries me though. It is blank. It happens to be electronic music? Well, obviously it is electronic music by definition it is electronic.

That was not my question.

Apart from being the very best music in the World? You don’t have to like it. That is not the point. You do not have do anything, but I will fight you till death if you try to force me to do anything. That is democracy.

That is the idea that I am willing to die for. Arguing about that idea? Never, I can’t believe that I am arguing for democracy? That failure? The failure?

The Ghost

September 22nd, 2017 Comments off

The ghost? Is so many things.

The ghost is your past. The ghost is what you can not accept, the ghost is the thing that you can not run from.

The ghost is your history. The ghost is the love of your life. The ghost is your favorite book, painting, song or memory.

And it does not matter how fast you are running. You will never ever be able to loose your own ghost.

You will never do that. But then again you already know that?

It is similar to listening to or watching something for the first time. You know for a fact that you have never heard/seen it before. Yet, it is more than familiar? That is the ghost. I could use another word, but I will not.

The impossible. Need to dress this thing up, pictures to the other texts, “but then again…”.

I suspect that you already know the Ghost?

Once and for all. Do I fell sorry for myself? No, I don’t. Why would I feel sorry for myself? Hard words? Indeed. Grown-up by now? I’m not going to take the blame. I did tell you along time ago.

I found a 3,5 mm threaded, I cut it down to size and filed it. I found a shimmer fitting it, the shimmer was squared so I had to file it a bit. I looked for another shimmer, but I did not have one in the right size (the fit would have been better) eventually it did work and I mounted it. 3,5mm -> 6 something.

– I have found a solution, I have mounted your microphone!

– Why? What am I supposed to do with this?

– But, I fixed it? I solved the problem? It was broken? And I have mended it.

– I don’t need this crap.

– OK.

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