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It Will Set And It Will Get Very Cold As Always

November 3rd, 2017 Comments off


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Claim Your Own State? What Then?

October 31st, 2017 Comments off

Ridiculous. All you have is politicians? That is not a state/nation?

UK the one nation with the most extreme exceptions of all members?

Own currency, hence not in EMU, not a member of Schengen etc.? And they vote to leave? Fine. There must be consequences.

London? Claim your own state/region now? I am a devoted European. London City can become a Republic, Ireland and Scotland? You are more than welcome. It will be complicated and you will have to make sacrifices.

You made a referendum based on populism and you ended up destroying United Kingdom? The UK? What?

CALLING LONDON! UK does not exist any-more? What will you do?
CALLING SCOTLAND! You always talk about independence? This is your chance.
CALLING IRELAND! All the wars, starvation in the past? Is this not the opportunity that you all have waiting for?


No. Free trade. You leave? You are in par or worse than North Korea. Don’t be stupid.

Sudan? Spain is even more stupid. OK.

And I do love Katalonien = but your currency is?
You are a sovereign nation right? An European nation?
Police, army, borders or judiciary system?
The simple idea of a united Evropa created your whole country? And now?
Can you keep the promise to the people?
A state? A sovereign nation? You used to be a member of NATO and now you are a state without defence? Good luck with whole that thing. Madrid sent the Police to beat you up. There are other means of force.
Who is going to represent you in the UN? No, I need a name. Ambassadors in 200 countries? Translators?

“Nationalism” will not solve Evropas problems. Never have and never have will.

Can you keep the promise to the people?

We have other issues/problems. We do not need another populist. First regular election in 1979? And causing trouble now? Maybe not a true candidate to EEC/EU? Maybe need to read up on democracy. EU is not a national bank. EU safeguardes democracy.

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Mon Père

October 31st, 2017 Comments off

“If you can’t afford to keep your Rolls’ clean? Then, you can´t really afford to own one?”

2017 equivalent. “If can’t afford to park your car? Then, you can’t really afford to own one?”

My father never owned a Rolls’… neither do I for that matter and even if I did I would probably not tell you.

“Style can never be bought.” Actually he said: “La classe ça ne s’achète pas.”. I really miss my father.

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October 31st, 2017 Comments off

[Picture was pending 2017-10-31 and added 2017-11-02. NB: This text is based on an actual job application.].

Since everyone seem obsessed with quotes and allegations these days?

Given that this is the first page of Riksteaterns press page.

I may on own accord have made an error of judgement here? Maybe it has nothing to do with my age at all? Maybe this is something altogether different? A different subject? The original post just below (dates are above):

I’m feeling mistreated. I suspect that it may have to do with my age? I’m worried that I may in fact be discriminated against in this very moment! And I’m Swedish!

I want to mention that “#” actually means something very different. Nice people. And why would the not nice ones tell you? Would you? What is behind your social networks? Is it… code? Who writes the code? Do you know how too? Probably not. Have you ever encountered a “natural” coder? I have. Seldom. In work? It is pure beauty to watch. Line-by-line. Art.

What? I am telling you that you do not have any idea of what your are talkining about.

“Hej *****,

tack för ditt meddelande.

Vi på Riksteatern arbetar med kompetensbaserad rekrytering. Vi baserar alltså vårt urval av kandidater på hur väl de matchar mot den kravprofil som vi ställt upp för tjänsten.

Dessa krav framgår av annonsen:
Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare.

Då vi inte kan utläsa att du har de kunskaper och erfarenheter som vi efterfrågar, har du inte blivit kallad på intervju.

Med vänliga hälsningar,

The last straw… I would have, if given the opportunity. I’ve been to the venues many times and I do truly believe in the arts. Misspellings and poor grammar. The “angst” of going to school and perform always and beyond. Always excel? There is at least a “?” missing in this rather short text. I love Riksteatern or the idea in any case. Fine. That’s OK and basically my personal problem. The message has been received. That picture though?

Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare? Det räcker nu? Kan inte ens stava ordentligt? OK. “Kulturarbete?” “Utbildning?”. OK.

Contact me at: anytime you want. It would be as a consultant though. Different tarrif.

The current situation? It is just ridiculous.

Picture added. First page. Press page. Riksteatern press.

Det fick jag lära mig i skolan. Avgränsa dina ämnen. “Det är nya tider nu. Det är digitalt.”.

I was thought in school. Scope, don’t let the subject matter become to extended. “New times, it is digital.”

Minister: Peter Eriksson – Housing and Digital? Minister of Digitalisation in 2017? Stop it right now! OK. Nxt post.

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Pretend, That? That Is Not Doc Scott?

October 25th, 2017 Comments off

Carry on. It is not a bad track. It is not Doc though. I never understood that. Fab & Groove would be knowing that. They should be saying that.


The young one said “42”? I am out of the came. No, I can’t comment. Out of the game. I have never meet anyone replying “42” ever. No one ever. I think. It is time for me to retire- Yeah? Like you would ever shut up.

Mm. The little one answered “42”? Charade is over.

I got +25000 songs, I should do OK?

Not enough love. 42?

Watch me.

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I Swore That I Would Not Comment

October 22nd, 2017 Comments off

I swore to myself that I would not comment. Blast!

The #tag that is trending now and no I’m not going to write it in clear text.

What is the problem? Did you not get enough attention as a young child? All sexual crimes are extremely serious.

However, I’m not convinced that it actually has anything to do with the current “discussion”.

Being offended or ignored is not the same thing as being abused.

A decade or more? 15 years? It seems like a fairly long time to me.

“Trauma” is a as far as I know a very serious psychological term/state. It is not any random wrongdoing? I personally get offended all the time. Am I traumatised? No, Not generally or I have never been traumatised. Have I been upset? Yes. Have I ever been angry or extremely happy? Yes, I have been and I am still both.

Traumatised? No, I have never been that ever and and closer to 50 than I am 40.

A long time ago, when I was a teenager. I was scared once or twice. Was that a trauma? No, it was not. It had nothing to do with harassment whatsoever (well maybe from the police). Please stop misusing words.

Being traumatised? In war.

A sustained trauma stretching over a decade? Mm. I’m not sure that the correct vocabulary is being used here. There are other words from the realm that are being misused. Depression. Sadness.

If I ever saw Pandora’s box… does rejection qualify as an offence to? Is revenge an acceptable motive? Do we really want to slip down this slippery slope? Remember, we are not Americans… we are from Europe. Rome is our true capital… it is not to late to close the box. If you persist? Please don’t open that box. Not that one.

“Folktribunalen” kommer att marchera gata upp och ned och skapa rättvisa? Men vi har ju en stat, juridik, militär och polis av en anledning? Är det någon som har läst och förstått: “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” eller “Lord of the Flies”?

Somebody? Have you heard about the second World War? WW2? Have ever heard about fascism? Have you ever read: “Djurfarmen” or “Flugornas herre”?

NO???? So, you are telling me that it will repeat itself? It will happen again? That is simply not acceptable to me. Did, I just not write that my grandfather died because he fought in the second war? In 1950 he died because of injuries he sustained fighting for France/democracy. “Pour La France” and 20 years before I was born.

Fascist and nazis are against democracy and culture, they are by definition violent and they are really, really, really dangerous. Oki? No, it doesn’t matter if they are old or new. No, they are not hard to detect. Simply put they are the true enemies of democracy. And you need to stop them now! No it can’t wait. Do it now!

In the 19th century, there was a diagnosis called “hysteria”. Completely unscientific (obviously) and only applied to women.

Nevertheless it was practised then and in all honesty I would not mind getting that diagnosis right now.

– But, doctor what exactly is the problem with this patient?
– You mean what is his problem? Well, you are aware that he is interested in society, collects and listens to electronic music and that he has delusions about creating a better World or whatever?
– Surely, you must see that is a classic case of ‘hysteria’?
– Ah, I can see it now, you mean the not curable type?
– That is correct, no chance what so ever. Trust me it is a lost cause. There is nothing we can do to help that miserable soul. Just… let him be.
– I mean, clearly he is a hysteric. Poor damned soul.

However, we do have other, acute and pressing social issues. We need to address them right now!

We are not best in class longer, we are soon to be the last country in the World to have a female head of state. How is that even possible? We’re pointing fingers in all directions? UK, Finland, Germany, Australia, Island have or have had females leading the country? How many female “statsministrar” have we had so far? The short answer is: none. So, we (the Swedes) have in fact never had a female head of state? Does a female in Sweden earn the same as a man? One guess.

Please wake me when you wake up. Have you ever heard the story about the “camel” or the song “murder inc.” or “housewife” or…?

Here are some random ideas:

Maybe you should not have commercialised relations, sensuality and sexuality?
Maybe the “porno” aesthetics are not working that well?
Maybe democracy actually extends beyond your own personal rights?
Maybe every citizen has obligations as well?
Maybe civilised society has a value?
Maybe the bank is fooling you?
Maybe the children are what really matters?
Maybe we could all be better?
Maybe you are in fact not an Afro-American?
Maybe a war between the genders is not what we need right now?
Maybe it is time to grasp that the concept of “race” is a massive misconception. “Bang Bang”.
Maybe I’ll just tell you to **** off?
Maybe you should just listen to Mary J Blige?

Mary J sings:
“Listen, if you wonder why I am living my life the way I do? Don’t worry about me…”
“I’m trying to tell you something good… if you don’t why? You better find out the reason why, brother…”

And who is the best living vocalist? One guess.

Maybe I just stopped caring?

Picture: if you want to see a sky like that? You need to come up North. You will not find it anywhere else in the entire World. Slightly after the darkness descends and it lasts a very long time.

I Swore That I Would Not Comment…

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You Only Need One Reason

October 22nd, 2017 Comments off

Dr. Dre – The Chronic – 1992

I actually hated it when it was released. Why? I did not approve of the “outrageous” funk samples and “westcost” sampling KRS-ONE? It was unthinkable. Simply put rude.

At the time I was actually listening to the originals. The funk. Still high strung? I guess so. Death Row? Suge Knight? From the time when Eazy-E was alive?

Wut the cuf? Is this as matter of fact the definition of a classic? Is it the 100 000 time I play this? Who would have guessed that? I did not. That’s for sure.

So, I desperately claim that I am not a fu**** nostalgic? Maybe, I am not being completely truthful. Let’s not forget the WU! That is + one year later.

You are talking about Hip Hop? Fine but, You Still Only Need One… and “2001” is even better. Eternal stuff. Everyone I ever met knows this album! Everyone. My mother knows this album. Everyone I ever worked with. It used to be the worst thing imaginable for me… it is not the case now though, no, not any more. More relaxed (grew up?).

“Carlifoni A” Ha ha, the production, the compression, the pressure? It is unreal. Pushed it on all fronts. Oh, my sweet Lord… Semi-related do you have a big ego? “Big Ego’s” or “What’s The Difference” I must give up at some point right. I need to concede right? Or…

Picture: It is the crane outside the kitchen window with motion blur. They added a new floor today which is slightly peculiar since it was Saturday yesterday. That being said. The idea of the Union? It was not to exploit people and turn hard, hard-working, people into fucking modern slaves.

That was not and is not the idea of the Union. But, as UN, EU is a theory? Like “democracy” also is an idea? Or the fact that it seems complicated to give everyone equal rights? 5000 years later? I have problems accepting that.

I swore I would not comment it. The last country to have female head of state? Pointing fingers? We have never had a female head of the state? Please wake me when you wake up. Have you ever heard the story about the “camel” or “Housewife”?

If we are not talking about physical laws? Then they are dependent of human cooperation. Is it better than war? Well, I def. think so.

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No. 44 Is Faster!

October 21st, 2017 Comments off

Come on son! You are the faster one.

“K”, I’m truly sorry but this year belongs to the silwer arrows’.

And number 44 will take it. Trust me and big hugs.

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OK, But This Is The Last Time

October 21st, 2017 Comments off

My father was African. Actually my father was West African (Why would you say that? Is there a difference? Mm, there is huge difference…).

“Le nègre” = alla som ni envist försöker att utrota = resten av Världen.

What the hell? Well, if you are from let us say Sweden you would not want be mistaken for a Norwegian? In any case I would not want to.

If somebody thought that my origin was Belgium, Finland or Denmark? It would be OK. If someone assumed that I was from Norway, then I would be deeply offended.

Either you are interested in other people or otherwise you simply shut up. You can’t have both, OK? Am I being crystal clear?

My father was born in Senegal, Dakar in 1942.

His father (my grand father) was injured in the second World War.

He died in 1950 after suffering injuries fighting for La belle France (“La Patrie” as so many others) in the navy. He died for my/our democracy for my freedom and I never got to see him?

He (my grandfather) fighting for you/us and democracy. He sacrificed his own life for me/you/us.

One of his relatives founded the first mosquée in Medina, Dakar. No? Yes, as a matter of fact he did do that ask anybody living there and they will tell you the exact same story.

Ask about “La petite mosquée et la grande mosquée.” in Dakar. You can ask about the French people that lived in the neigbourhood in the late 50’s. Ask about “The French white people that lived in Medina.” Monsieur and madame…

My ancester eracted “La petite mosquée” and I know this for a fact.

My own father should have become an Imam (and in extension so should I). He did not nor did I.

My grandmother, his mother never forgave him (she was a devotee, a very religious person) and she died resenting her very own son and me for that very same fact.

My father was her only child.

Please don’t tell me what to think. And please do not tell me what to believe.

“La petite mosquée” in Medina, Dakar. You can go there if you want. It is really close from the very place where my father was born. Mm, I have been there. I have been at the exakt spot where my father was born.

Picture: Rue 19 x 20. The origin. The sky? Pollution. The air in this costal town is not breathable. The Atlantic ocean is not even a kilometre away.

Why is West Africa Muslim? What!!!? Are there other colonialists? Plz read up on your own history and plz look out of your own freakin’ window. Do you know what actually happened when Augustine converted to Christianity. The emperor of Rome? What happened shortly after the disastrous decision?

“I don’t care. History is boring.” Good luck to you. The Roman empire lasted 2000 years or so and in itself is quite an accomplishment. Before them? Being an African. Egypt. Add at least 3000 years.

What? Well were is Rome and Egypt now? You are being silly! Maybe. +5000 years is not being “silly” to me.

“Everyday is a holiday.” It is an American popular song.

Everyday I understand a little bit more about my father.

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An Open Letter To My Doctor

October 21st, 2017 Comments off

He is a retired professor now. Dugald Murdoch, D. Phil., professor emeritus did try to teach me something.

He was my tutor and my mentor. He wrote his doctor’s thesis on Bohr at Oxford. I have it in print, yet to read it though.

No matter he probably would not concurr, nevertheless I am a dedicated Positivist and I mean it in that very sense at the core of my existance. Bohr…

So slap your wrist many times… My teatcher translated Descartes (as expected he is actually called “Cartesius” in Swedish and it is extremly unclear why that is the case) from Latin to English.

Mm, I do own a copy. It is the reference work in any studiy of Descartes. And no, he was not the sole translator.

Using your own book as material in studies simply because there is no other translation avaible and then being apologetic about it? That’s just mindblowing. My teatcher.

“Dualism”? The question lingering since the 1600th or so (I do know when Deascartes departated). Do you (not) know?

When I told my father that I was going to study philosophy he simply said: “Ok, but there is no way that is not going to end well.” “Le Philo?”, not more and not less. “Därefter”… and that is all that my father ever told me regarding the subject. Honestly.

Poincaré? I did visit his grave in Paris. I passed M. Sartre and Simon’s as well. Side by side.

Spelling is terrible I am afraid. I do apologise. M. Dougald. I should have performed better…

Cogito ergo sum, Hume and Leibniz of course.

I am a lost philosopher.

/Jonas S.

PS. The reference (the title) is musical. Popular music. You could/would probably not now know that. I am referring to a song by Dr Dre and Eminem.

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