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Bauri, Have No Fear [Expanding Records – EVS5:04, 2004]

September 14th, 2004 Comments off

bauri_evs504Bauri releasing on Expanding a stroke of genius? Bauri re-assumes his release schedule with a fantastic contribution to the evs-series. Warm and lush and this time maybe downplaying the Hip-hop influences displayed on his latest New Speak release “Everything is going to be OK again” a bit. Regardless, Bauri delivers to gorgeous tracks “Have No Fear” and “Hugs” on blue ultra-thick 7-inch vinyl packaged in thick opaque PVC with print. It’s the evs-series, there’re only 400 pressed and they will run out. Get one now!

Bauri, Everything Will Be OK Again [New Speak – NSPK002, 2003]

August 26th, 2003 Comments off

bauri_everything_is_goingAnother excellent release by our friends at New Speak and this the second piece if new speak features Bauri and a Bauri in form I might add. There’re six tracks on this slab of vinyl and all of them are highly well produced piecies of lush and warm electronics the difference between them being a question of mood and/or tempo. The opening track “Seagull” is classic Bauri stuff, with down-tempo beats, a soothing melody and that Bauri crispness in the sound treatment, not forgetting the bass. It’s followed by “Machina”, that is more up-tempo and sinister, once again excellent beats programming and expertly chosen sounds, great atmosphere. Finishing off the first side is “Cold Mittens” featuring Yellow6 on sweet sounding guitar, in this melancholic track. Flip “Everything Will Be OK Again” and you get to hear “Quasi Jazz” opening the second side is relying on hip hop influenced beats and a quirky melody, it’s followed by “Roid Bline” reversed bassline riding alongside solidly programmed beats and dreamesque melody. The last track bearing the same title as the twelve-inch is an atmospheric mellow string-filled piece of music. This is another quality release and I suggest you get a copy before they’re all sold out if they’re not already.