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While, Even [Chocolate Ind. – CHLT021CD, 2000]

March 9th, 2003

while_evenWhat an excellent album this is! On “Even” While continues the sound developped on the equal excellent Lock EP also on Chocolate Industries. You get nice beats programming, beautiful melodies and rather interesting choices of sounds together creating simply brilliant tracks with just a hint of melancholy. It’s reminiscent of the musical ideas of the now long discontinued duo called “Spooky” (no I’m not talking about DJ Spooky) as well as the grossly underrated M-Tec. Starting off with “Gate2” a very short and beatless intro leading on to “Bin” with the characteristic bell like sounds of While’s productions. “Chase” moves on the same lines with nice beats and played basslines, fragile melodies creating atmosphere. The entire album continues in this vein, strong tracks, lush beats and magical melodies. There’re eleven tracks in total, “Else”, “Temp”, “Hive”, “Level”, “Fault”, “Lost4” and “Moth” are all equally well-composed tracks and together as a totality they make up this delightful “While” production entitled “Even”. And the American Chocolate Industries imprint were the ones who had the good taste of releasing the album. The artwork is really nice too, so you get visuals as well albeit them being motionless. One can’t but take a while and wonder what ever happened to this talented artist?

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