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While, Slip [Chocolate Ind. – CHLT019CD, 2000]

March 9th, 2003

while_slipAnother nice offering from Chocolate Industries and While is the mini-album “Slip”. Cant’ really get my head around the catalogue numbers, because this release is supposed to have been released after the excellent “Even” album, but it has the catalogue number 019 whereas the Even album got 021. Never mind that out of the eight tracks contained on the CD four are remixes and they are made by: “Savath + Savalas”, “Fennesz”, Agrape Dope and the fourth is by “While” remixing himself. Noticeable as always are the unusual and brilliant choices in melodic elements that enhances the unique lush soundings of the artist in question. And on top of that you’ve got artwork, which is simply stunning. In other words yet another great “While” release on Chocolate Industries.

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