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Vessel, Dreaming in Pairs [Expanding Records – ECD10:02, 2003]

January 3rd, 2003

vessel_dreaming_in_pairsIf you got a copy of last year’s expanding compilation “The Condition of Muzak” and you enjoyed the track entitled “Tiny” then you’ve probably been waiting for this album! “Dreaming in Pairs” is the debut album for “vessel” who’s first ever released expanding track was none other than the above-mentioned “Tiny”.This beautifully packaged album is due to be released in the beginning of February and will be released as both as vinyl and CD. The CD contains two extra and exclusive tracks. “Dreaming in Pairs” starts of with the wonderfully set low-key intro “Trace” and it sets the mood for the rest of the album. The intro immediately gives away the composer and it’s rather nice to come across an artist that has such a unique sound. “Apartment” follows with percussions and lovely melodic arrangements decidedly on the melancholic side of things. A more playful setting for “Koozbane” which features dry beats, a hint of glitch and luscious melodies and it’s a very strong track indeed. “Double” has a similar take, lots of atmosphere and gently progressing beats. “Set” moves in another direction with more playfulness and feather light treading beats. Sixth track is entitled “Limit” and the percussive crunchiness is increased alongside a bass filled, reluctant, yet effective melody – masterfully composed track and it’s only featured on the CD version.It is followed by the brilliant track that served as introduction to this artist on expanding “Tiny” not the only one set to become classic in much the same way as label fellow Benge’s work. Actually there’s one item of criticism and it’s the playing time of the track, it’s far too short for being so sweet sounding, but hey, you can always play it again! “Color Queen” features expanding quirkiness in beats handling with melody and processed vocal sample to go. “Monkey” is an up-tempo track with bassline and funny melodic elements it is also one out two tracks exclusive to the CD. “Point” re-calibrates the mood and offers down-tempo beatless blissfulness and a strong build-up. “Balance” starts off in the same vain, but develops alongside a slightly different path with dry beats, some cleverly arranged vocal samples thrown in for good measure and strong melody. “Plan” ends vessel’s debut effort for expanding in style an outro matching the intro.Expanding has clearly made quite a catch in signing vessel and their first release for the year promises it to be an exciting one indeed!

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