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It Was Not The One I Was Looking For?

September 9th, 2017

It will have to do for now. Actually it is one of my (many) favourite albums: If.Then.Else – (Pause) – Emanate Records – 2002.

I was looking for: Theorem – Ion – M_nus – 1999.

Why? Because I think it is partly based on samples from a nearby highway. That would be Detroit’s I-75 highway to be exact.

And it ties ridiculously nicely to one of the previous posts: The Eternal Sound/Noise. Suspiciously nicely one could object. “You know? For kids?” (ref. “The Hudsucker Proxy”, Cohen brothers, 1994).

No, seriously I was meaning to write “free association”. The album? Wow, classic, classic stuff. It is a master piece. I am compelled to mention: Aril Brikha – Deeparture In Time – Transmat – 1999, Theorem – THX – Experiments In Synchronicity – M_nus – 2001 and The Persuader – Stockholm – Svek – 1999.

Because it is like that, that deep, deep techno music. The kind that the brothers from Detroit make.

“Det var bättre förr, så har det alltid varit.”

Picture: It is close to the E4 highway. I normally don’t, but I do really like this one. It is very amusing.

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