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Is It Important?

September 9th, 2017

Does it matter? Why do I care? Why should you care about a 12 year old girl taking part in a moronic game show dressed like that?

Well, she is not an adult. She’s a child and if she had/has a (twin) brother he most certainly would not be dressed like that?

Equality? “You can’t say that!” I just did. Is it unfair? Mm, a lot of things that are unfair in life. If you happen to be an adult? Not 12 years old. We stopped that in the mid 19 century and for a good reason.

Is it clearly communicated that given the imaginary interpretation of the books, then any man of faith is superior to all women? By tradition, my father would certainly be so and indeed so would I be superior to all women.

Why? Because I happen to be a man. Do you think I should exercise my male “right”, OK, here and now? Should I direct any lonesome women (not directed by her man) randomly? Well, should I? It is not fashion statement. You are not allowed to stand infront of McDonald’s in a Burka without my explicit permission. Do you understand that?

In fact you should not be walking about at all without a male companion not dressed like that. Do you really want me to take your phone and call whoever is your male guardian and tell him of your “shameful” behaviour? This is not Saudi, you have got it all wrong… this is Sweden, with a double v.

If you want to share a man with three other women (never once have I met a woman that would even concider that, I don’t think such a female exists, never mind). If you never want to drive a car, if you never want to leave home alone, if you never want to vote etc. if you never want to be a person then feel free to do so.

However, you will have to do that elsewhere. You cannot and should not remain in Europe. Why? Because it is not compatible with democracy. Finally please remeber, that I can always tell you what to do anyhow. Why? You should know why, because I am a man and you are not.

So, the young girl on my Idiot Box. Who dressed her and why? Did she get to decide? Did she get to chose among the big five (not counting the thousand other) belief systems?

I don’t think so and I do believe that it is important. Because, either I live in a secularised democratic monarchy or I don’t. And I know with absolute certainty that I don’t want to live in a state were “religion” is a factor in any aspect what so ever.

A democracy must be non-religious and they must be for ever be separated, the “State” and whatever “Church” that is. The horror when they mix, the absolute horror and misery that follow.

Again, it is a historical fact that a 100 year long war raged in one of Europe’s countries and they ones fighting believed in the same thing… it was in France – the 100 year war. It is actually called that.

Just one of many religious wars in Europe. And the most catastrophic ones were not religiously based per se, not in any conventional sense anyhow. Not the first (bizarrely called the “Great” war) nor the second that followed shortly upon the first.

Abusing the rights of freedom in order to undermine the very same rights? Very much like some other -isms. “I have the right, to tell you what you can or cannot do, say or believe. I have the right to conditional your rights.”

We have freedom of speech and the right to practise religion. So many made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. They did something which no one can even comprehend today. Millions very young men and women gave their own lives. Millions of lives sacrificed for the fundamental principle that all humans are created equal.

Picture: SVT (Swedish state television) game show. Oh my, this will end in tears.

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