Dub Fi Dub

It started like that and it will end like that.

!War in a Babylon! Tribal war in a Babylon!”

“I’m a gonna put on an iron shirt.” Please don’t get confused, it has always been like this, the mysterious Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Black Ark leading the way. Dub has always lead the way. Always.

It will be the reels, the compression and the true bass culture. The repetition? That is dub! You can not escape it. Letting the drum and bass lead? Do you really think that is invention? What do you think? How do you imagine that the “first” music sounded like?

It is clear that the drum is older, much older. The drum has nothing do with pop(oular) music at all. It is a misconception. It did made it global, however global has nothing to do with righteousness.

The drum and bass? They may be “spiritual” things. What the hell does that mean? Well, if you really listen to Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Professor or Drum’n’Bass I think you will understand. Le tam tam.

I say; “Tedious” by Lee “Scratch” Perry. I can not even express in words… it may be important or not, but this music is from the mid-70’s. Before current technology. The basis of all modern bass based music (I do like repetion). “Lead the children to the promise land”. The Dub is sublime.

And maybe it so? I don’t know. The promised land? That would be where exactly? Is it Jerusalem. Israel? Where is it located precisely?

Picture: The Lion of Zion.