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August 9th, 2017

The Major of Section 9 has purple hair!

“Your Ghost is yours. Remember that.”

Everybody knows that?

“Ghost in the shell” and “Linda och Valentin”?

My guess? Next up is “Evangelion”… and what about “Fahrenheit 451”, “Foundation”, “A Brave New World”, “Summer Wars” or “Akira”

And some others, but I will not tell you. It is still very strange to me. Them vampires are sucking the fresh and warm blood. Babylon.

For the record Logicomas are blue or red, they are not grey or square and they would never ever, ever hurt the Major. That is simply ridiculous.

OK. In the original one, yes I do know that the Major was indeed attacked by one. and I do know it was not a logicom that assaulted the Major, however it was still not a square oned.

Logicomas are Kawaii… how could anyone miss that? Last but not least, OST, the music. Why? How is that even possible?

Les Americans…

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