Taborshell/Sektor, The Tandem Series 6 [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT034, 2006]

tandemseries_06Two new debutants for Boltfish that goes by the name: Taborshell and Sektor. On what is the sixth instalment in the ongoing series of split releases aptly entitled “The Tandem Series”. The concept is simple enough, two artists co-habiting the same release. Taborshell contributes with four tracks saturated with nostalgia and big drums. Soothing electronica all around with some sonic trickery sprinkled ontop. Track 3 “Intelligence Idolised” stands out, with its excellent beats, build-up and surpricing turn. The other artist contributing to this split goes by the name of Sektor. The four tracks by Sektor are good and they all contain healthy doses of beats, bas, structure fused with atmospheric elements cementing the feeling of enjoyment and very much a Boltfish affair. It’s Boltfish’s new breed on BOLT034 and you know you should investigate.