Imatran Voima, American Splendor EP [Golden Dice Records – GDR-001, 2006]

golden_dice_001As they boldly state themselves “You know those boys” the Finnish electro unit Imatran Voima does the honours on newly started Golden Dice Records. The “American Splendor EP” is a four + two track twelve-inch release filled with vocoder and distinctive 808 basslines. The opening track “American Splendor” is a bass heavy and vocoder saturated old school purist take on electro that is sure to put any dance floor on fire. A2 is called “Intoxication” and it features a completely different style. It has straight beats and is firmly rooted in the rich Minneapolis party soil and even contains a fairly obvious reference to Minneapolis’ first son: Prince. A3 is a vocoder interlude. B1 is called “American Splendor (Fred Riveras Ultra Editz Edition) and would be an professional’s remix of the A1. B2 has some heavy acid references going on and finally the last and third track of the flip-side features the vocals (voderised) of “American Splendor” called “American Vocopella”. The EP has got some varied styles on it, but it must be said that they’re all firmly cemented in the sound scheme of the eighties. Nevertheless, it’s a good release from Imatran Voima keeping their bread of sound very much alive. Furthermore it is a good first release by Swedish based Golden Dice Records that probably also serves as an indicator of what to expect in the future. Electro rock lives!