Cheju, Pica [Unlabel Series52 – UN52006/18, 2006]

cheju_pica“Pica” is Cheju’s contribution to Unlabel’s DIY extreme project “Series52”, get your head around this: “During 2006 Unlabel is releasing a series of 52 CD albums – one every week of the year, all by people who aren’t connected with us (i.e. none of our regular artists), to include all genres that we cover from the usual guitar based music – acoustic and alt. country to post-rock / math-rock, hardcore and beyond, piano, electronica / idm through to ambient, glitch, microsound, gabber, industrial / noise, soundscapes and anything else that takes our fancy, each in a strictly limited edition of just 100 copies.” The nine tracks on “Pica” all hold the high standard one would expect from Cheju. The album is filled with strong melodic constructions and beats in many variations. For example “Flutter” that got a sweet sounding melody and excellent beats, simply a treat! It’s a good album all around and carries number 18 and that would be corresponding to week 18 of 2006 and the 18th release out of 52!