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Atone, Un An [Autres Directions In Music – MOULIN015, 2006]

August 19th, 2006

atone_un_anThis follow up to Atone’s EP “Un Jour” is cleverly named “Un An” and it seems especially fitting because his second release is a full-length album. (The clever part would consist in that “Jour” means Day and “An” means Year.) These releases were made by the influential French label Autres Directions In Music – Adim. Un “An” contains 12 tracks of original compositions starting of with “Introduction” which is exactly that it leads on to the excellent “Une longue nuit” that builds and builds with much effect and quite a lot of drama all held together by a steady, slightly dirty beat. The call sign for Atone and maybe even for Adim would be the accordion/harmonica or in any event accordion/harmonica-like sounds. They enter in full force in the third track “Accordéon”. This album is maybe not the most readily accessible, but it’s highly original and at times just brilliant! And exemplifying this would be the build-up, sounds, atmosphere and rhythms of the track named “Cordes”. Adding yet another original release to Adim’s catalogue.

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