Obfusc, Internal Countryside [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT031, 2006]

obfusc_internal_country“Internal Countryside” is another excellent EP on the ever so lovely Boltfish Recordings. Obfusc is Joseph X Burke hailing from NY City in the States (really not that many options on that one are there?). The reason for calling this release an EP allthough there are nine tracks on it in total is the fact that out of the nine tracks, four of them are remixes. Mint, Cheju, SBCF1 Milieu and Ova Looven all contribute with delightful remixes. In the five tracks Obfusc displays an acute sense for both melody and rhythms. A well-balanced mix of percussions set in live mode as well as programmed. The four remixes do Obfusc work justice and adds even more variaty to the EP, that the original five tracks were already very capable of creating on their own. This is yet another enjoyable encounter on Boltfish.