Alkin Engineering, Out Of Order [October Man Recordings – OCTOBER MAN 13, 2006]

alkin_engineering_out_of_or“Out Of Order” is the title of the latest offering from October Man Recordings and a quite sinister sounding one at that. It is also the artist Alkin Engineering’s debut on OMR and it starts off setting the mood immediately with “Statine” and its disjointed rythms and distorted sounds merged with field recording like vocals. “Kit.fil.2” got synthesised string sounds with a strong retro feel and layers of vocals sounding like they originated from a bugging operation. “Howker Beth Simplified” has more structure with pulsating beats and metallic sounds. “Unsettled By Proxy” adds rhythm with some breakish beats and elements in the upper frequency regions. “Ventrac 9” and “Bortle Standard White” continue along the same lines creating an excellent EP with sinister atmosphere. This release is quite different musically from the previous OMR release, but they have at least one thing in common apart from being good and that is that they both are extremely rare. The 50 pieces run of “Out Of Order” is sold out since long. Be sure to catch the next release!