Mise En Scene/Dooq, The Tandem Series 4 [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT030, 2006]

tandemseries_04Two new debuts for Boltfish that goes by the name: Mise En Scene and Dooq. On what is the fourth instalment in a series of split releases aptly entitled “The Tandem Series”. The concept is simple enough two artists co-habiting the same release. Mise En Scene starts off with “Under Stretching Frequencies” a lovely track with a healthy beat and a dose of nostalgia. “Landscape TV” progresses along the same line, slowly and well put together. “Yoyo” strikes up a slightly more sinister atmosphere and has dry forward moving beats and interesting sounds. “Organical Shift” is a track that could just as easily have been made by Ola Bergman in his revamped electro heydays and that’s not a bad thing. The last and menacing “E.K.P” ends Mise En Scene’s debut release on Boltfish is an enjoyable one and it promises more to come. The other artist contributing to this split goes by the name of Dooq and the first offering is called “Januar” a down tempo track consisting of gently played piano fused with thumping bass (the non-powered stringed instrument one) quite excellent. Changing direction in “Prowler” a track that is eerie and has an intro devoid of beats saturated with sounds of overseen solitude quite excellent. “Ekaarian” features unusual choice of stringed instrument fused with straight-forward beats, all to great effect. Ending Dooq’s part of the “The Tandem Series” is “Syfon” a more traditionally sounding down-tempo track, enjoyable nevertheless. It’s BOLT030 and you know you should investigate.