Various Artists, Tured in Been [ON Records – ON306, 2006]

tured_in_beenAll but one of the previous releases by ON Records have been reviewed at ED and the latest addition “Tured In Been” is definitely not warranting to become the exception. On Records is a fairly small Dutch label that has a small yet impressive catalogue. One of the reasons is naturally the fact that the label has managed to incorporate and release the outstanding and brightly shining duo Funckarma! “Tured In Been” is a nicely packaged compilation comprised of bits and pieces of ON’s previous output as well as never before released tracks. Secede, Ardbit, Herrmutt Lobby, EEDL, L’Usine, Nynack, Funckarma, EOG, Kettel, Rawakari, Aver Boodi, Slemper, Loden, Adam Johnson and Kadah/Vresky all contribute with music. It goes without saying that this is an in all aspects excellent record filled with electronic and delightful sounds. I strongly suggest you get it now, if you haven’t got it already.