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Fujasaki, HCA [Artificial Songs – ASC002, 2006]

May 24th, 2006

fujasaki“HCA” is the title of Fujasaki’s second full-length album on Artificial Songs a sub label to Swedish label Sudd. Fujasaki has also made numerous contributions to the ongoing series of compilations on the very same label. The third compilation entitled “Sudd Autumn Collection 04” was released and subsequently reviewed in 2004. On “HCA” Fujasaki continues in the same direction as could be heard on the previously mentioned compilation. There’re productions that are heavily influenced by house music and they’re all more or less set in lounge mode. It’s well executed and the production is saturated with references to deep house, aged a half decade or so. Sudd’s releases can be found and bought at their website and Fujasaki is naturally represented as well.

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