Various Artists, Polyphonic Petals [Bitlab Records – BITCDR003, 2006]

bitcdr03Bitlab Records, home of Soutien Gorge brings you the quality packed compilation “Polyphonic Petals”. After two consecutive releases by the in-house artists they’ve gathered 14 tracks by almost as many artists on a lovely jewel cased CD. This whole high-standard compilation is a testament to an as obvious as it is overlooked fact, there’s really no need to overcomplicate things. “Polyphonic Petals” consists of 14 tracks of contemporary electronic music, better than you’ll ever hear on any regular night out, or on radio (apart from T:COM on gaialive) or on television or at the supermarket or in the elevator or through you residency’s walls. No, seriously in these the days of the hesitant acoustic guitars and frail voice-overs Bitlab presents some upfront beat-based electronic music and you really should take the time to listen! Among the contributors you’ll find the following competent electronic musicians: Vector Lovers, Cooler, Miles Tillman, Tigrics, Hdj Tom, Ten And Tracer, Sensiva, Television Tom, Boc Scadet, Strategy, Bad Comfort and Joel Tammik.