Christ, Vernor Vinge [Benbecula – BEN017, 2006]

christ_venor_vinge“Vernor Vinge” is an exclusive 12-inch release by Benbecula featuring their artist Christ. The artist in question (still bizarrely named) is definitely one of Benbecula’s strongest shining stars and let there be no doubt that it is well deserved! Christ’s output this far has been outstanding and his status as recording artist is beyond being well cemented. “Vernor Vinge” is a collection of four of Christ’s productions and although they all demonstrated fine production indeed they’re all forged in the same mould and that makes them kind of generic and that includes the remixes as well. Sure, the warm fuzzy analogue feeling is present, but the excellent intricacy and solitude of the “Pylonesque EP” is not really there. Christ is undoubtedly a very talented electronic musician, helas this is not his strongest work. Nevertheless it’s good soothing electronic music produced and released in 2006 on 12-inch vinyl at that, by the uninhibited Benbecula, and that’s got to count for something, right?