Get Me The Head!

I passed the car and had to double-back.

– Excuse me (looks up from mobile device, fag in hand and car window rolling down…)?
– Can I take a photo, of the head I mean? I’ll remove/blur the registration plate. Is that OK? If I take a photo (or two)?
– Yes, no problem. It’s really freighting, right?
– It’s absolutely terrifying! Upsetting.
– I know… said the female passenger/owner. It is my daughter’s old doll’s head (mums and daughters, hey).

Large car (SUV), small head. The blonde synthetic hair, ponytails dragging the street, the dirty rain soaked street: “Let me hit… Opps I did it again”?

What if it was not in the village, but rather on an unpaved dirt road without street lights, passing you? Abruptly halting and reversing… then the last thing you would ever see in your life would be that head…

Inspired by (among other things): TV-series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.