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Various Artists, Mercury Scales [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT019, 2005]

August 26th, 2005

mercury_scalesThe latest release from the Boltfish camp is entitled “Mercury Scales” and it’s a severally limited digi-packed CD compilation showcasing their vast array of talented artists. On this excellent compilation you’ll find the usual suspects and their high-quality productions: Zainetica, Boc Scadet, October Man, J.Auer, Richard Houghten, Bal-a-klah-va, Polestar and last but not least the label bosses themselves Mint and Cheju. However there’re not only well-known faces on the compilation there are some newcomers as far as Boltfish releases go anyhow: Matay, Mescalinaeden, The Rumblist and Line Noise are debutants. Matay’s “Two Faces” is a great down-tempo track with an acid-twist, should cause mayhem on any club night and a quite beautiful nostalgia filled track at that. Mescalinaeden’s “Gnosso” is set in down-tempo mode and has great atmosphere and a timid guitar accompanies gentle beats. The Rumblist’s “Ickle Mewgul” has excellent melody and top-of-the-line arrangements together with cut-up breakbeat based beats you’ve got a winner! Line Noise’s “Blue Sky Ely Pt2” that presumably is the continuation of “Blue Sky Ely Pt1” which actually hasn’t been released yet (scheduled for release in Sep 2005). It is a very nice piece of music indeed, securely lodged in the not so viscous electro department. The upcoming EP on Boltfish features more of the same musical style. Great beat programming, bass and lovey selection sounds and that’s always a treat. The unstoppable Boltfish Recordings’ “Mercury Scales” is the 19th show of force and you get exactly what you would be hoping for, 13 excellent electronic tracks by as many artists and all nicely packaged. The lovely design made by Trickster, Boltfish’s designer of choise.

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