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Lum, Glow [ClickClickDrone – CLICK010, 2005]

August 26th, 2005

click10“Glow” is the title of an EP made by Lum a ClickClickDrone debutant. Lum’s not entirely new to ClickClickDrone since he contributed to the recently released compilation Red Chair, Blue Chair. Lum’s EP is decidedly ambient affair, and his contribution to the compilation is representative. The 6-track EP starts off with the “Ccel” a beatless and fairly short intro setting the mood of the rest of the EP. The aptly named “Glow fly” uses insect-like clicks, Lum’s not the only artist finding that particular sound source inspiring and interesting. The e-dub master Deatbeat is the artist that first comes into my mind, and Bushtech would be another. “Glow fly” slowly evolves as more elements are added to it, among them carefully treated guitars all to great effect. As it also happens it is the same track that is included on the compilation mentioned above. “Tep” continues the insect theme and is filled with atmosphere and minimalism. “Licheu” contains cunningly put together crystalline sounds creating an enjoyable piece of music, again with emphasis on atmospheric minimalism. “Kaebl” distorted and distant, reminiscent of a recorded eavesdrop of some unknown origin. “Niilon” concludes the EP and is on par with the other five tracks. Ambient and atmospheric music of highest order and therefore also another highly recommended ClickClickDrone release.

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