Cheju, Taito-Ku EP [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT018, 2005]

cheju_taitu-kuThe Japanese themed “Taito-Ku EP” is Cheju’s latest Boltfish release (Jul 2005) and it’s a gem! Cheju starts off with “Pachinko” and the excellent sounds and gentle crisp beats it contains. “Flipchart Psychology” which is reminiscent of something that would fit an updated soundtrack of a Miami Vice TV episode, sound wise that is, follows “Pachinko”. The third track “Bellflowerroot” with an excellent bassline is a clear favourite among the four tracks contained on this EP. The intro of heavily treated bells and the string-like bassline fused with clever yet straightforward-programmed beats works like a charm. The fourth and last track is entitled “Cloud garden” it got a dramatic intro leading onto deep bass frequencies combined with glitch moderately used. It’s lovely sonic imagery created by the ever so talented artist named: Cheju.