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Boc Scadet, Yleptic [ClickClickDrone – CLICK01, 2005]

May 18th, 2005

bocscadet_ylepticIn 2004 the very first ClickClickDrone release emerged and it was signed Boc Scadet, entitled “Yleptic” and it is simply delightful. It doesn’t have much in common with the latest offering by the same artist, the full-length album “Vessel in June” (May 2005) apart from the obvious fact that it is excellent as well. Boc Scadet clearly has the ability to encompass more than one musical style or orientation. The apt beats programming, bassfilled and lush forward moving tracks on his first CCD release are as mature and engaging as his droned out dystrophic ones on “Vessel in June”. The EP stands 6 tracks tall and is a great collection of contemporary electronic non-vocal music. You probably would have problems getting hold of one at this point, but I strongly suggest you try!

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