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Boc Scadet, Vessel in June [ClickClickDrone – CLICK09, 2005]

May 18th, 2005

click09_boc_scadet_vessel“Vessel in June” is the latest full-length album made by Boc Scadet and it’s out on his very own ClickClickDrone (CCD) label. It’s an accomplished album to say the least and it contains 11 strong tracks. The album has quite a sombre setting, great atmosphere, expertly chosen sounds, production, well crafted beats (where that apply) and in combination creating truly fantastic soundscapes. “Vessel in June” leans heavily towards the ambient side of things, but it’s not lacking a clear and distinct form on the contrary each track complements the other. A special note on “Ochre” the second track on the album and the masterful and minimal handling of beats and distorted bassline on it. And thereby intentionally or unintentionally making tribute to one of the best drum’n’bass tracks ever made. Boc Scadet in a different mood is to be found on the recently reviewed CCD compilation “Red Chair Blue Chair” (May 2005), a compilation well worth investigating in the same way that “Vessel in June” is. In short the “Vessel in June” album is excellent and it comes highly recommended.

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