Christ, Seeing and Doing [Benbecula – BEN029, 2005]

christ_seeing“Seeing and Doing” is it a Benbecula surprise? Not really, since we’re talking about the latest Christ release. “Seeing and Doing” is a lovely release (Incidentally I’m the proud owner of a copy of Christ’s beautiful Polynesque EP and still looking for a copy of his first full-length album.). The EP is comprised of 1 + 4 tracks, starting off with a mood-setting intro directly on to the piece de resistance “Marsh of Epidemics” a brilliant track with plentiful synthesized atmosphere, fairly cold, dry and fused with a superb analogue bassline and then there’s the minimal beat… very hard, crafted with surgical precision and quite excellently combined with the rest of the elements. “Marsh of Epidemics” is a track that flows on relentlessly and causes an instant replay by reflex. The latest Christ release and the remaining tracks reveal the work of a very talented contemporary musician, but let it be said “Marsh of Epidemics” completely steals the show and hence the 1 + 4. Benbecula’s series usually are not that high-numbered so get in there while you still can!