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Please Don’t II

November 28th, 2020

We start bombing in 5 minutes.

Clarification: it is a sample from an actual radio transmission during the Vietnam war. Something like; we’re pinned down! We need help now! What are we going to do? And the (actual) response was: (Don’t worry) we start bombing in 5 minutes (my guess? High alti)

This our radio station! rinse.fm.

The badness is the goodness… ‘Foulplay’. Swear, I could listen to this tune all day. Honest! I’m not even going to lie, I’ve not even sorted out the next tune and I have about 30 seconds left*… That’s how much I was getting into that one even if I’ve only heard it 48 million times. Had to make it.

Uncle Dugs

* Been there… listening to the tune being played and forgetting… and then realising that there’s about 30 seconds or less left… just getting lost.. in music. Again!

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