Not On The Wall III

It is yet another discarded artefact. Please see: Not On The Wall I and Not On The Wall II or search for “On The Wall”.

It is a restoration project – it does need a cleaning, but more interestingly is that someone used this very item not long ago. Why? Because it is functioning and is running on dry batteries.

Yet, it s from the late 50’s or the early 60’s. Investigation is pending, it’s an AM/FM radio and one thing is apparent… I need a larger antenna, much larger antenna.

I think I may actually be one to something here for once… why? Randomness is harder to find than most or anybody probably would assume, that being said, true (mathematical) randomness is even more elusive (I will damn probability for an eternity!).

Yet another idea may have been born. There’s a signal on the AM band; timed three long and three short ( —… ), surely it must be Morse code? It is a continuous transmission around the clock (24 hrs a day) as far as I know.

But, what is it? Is a radio beacon or a lonely satellite? I don’t know. I will find out, I rather like it together with the random static.

Machine is singing. Three long and three short ( —… ) means “:”? The signal is there and it is well received.