Not That Many Days Left Of This Year?

No noise 2019?

Not even the mighty Fabio & Grooverider are playing it? Oh, well, it is by far the best dumb’n’bass* this year and for some years and some years to come. Why? It is plain to see, why…?

For one thing, if an album contains one instant classic then that is enough in itself. That will suffice in any given situation. And this one contains more than one, several more songs than one. I mean that “Meridian” warrants the whole thing by itself and then there’s some…

And the context. Was this a foreseeable event in any way what so ever? Does this even closely resemble something that you would assume would actually appear in 2019? No, it does not! So now I’m confused, a bit scared and I feel like laughing and crying at the same time.

In from the sideline?! J Majik on Infrared “suddenly feeling the vibes” after 20 years…? There’s no room left for discussion or debate and even though I get a hard time breathing I simply feel gratitude.

Not that I never doubted, but if there was ever a testament? Surely this must be it: J Majik ‎– Full Circle – Infrared ‎– INFRALTDLP 001 WUT? Relentless breaks, mercilessly constructed by an elder, definitely not holding back on this one, breaking it hard. I mean in a: Rack em’ and stack em’! – I need more power! kind of style.

I feel forced [sic!] to mention/give a shout out to: the entire dB Crew (were ever you are), Blito, Cicci Moon, Lucho, and Yallow. The unimaginable DJ Krazy (The Jazz Clan), DJ Norman Bates (The Kid), MC Sandor (Papa Don) and everybody else, so many more.

– Did you not forget? Each and everybody else?
– But, there are too many to mention individually and plz don’t get offended if your name is not mentioned explicitly.

It does say “Each and everybody”, right? If it does not suffice? Simply write me a little something and you’ll get included (explicitly), it is not personal and I’m an easy going person; Traffic Crew, Under Ten Hurtz, Unknown Factor, Celestial. Manos, Lotek and the mighty Seba too! Everyone involved and loving bass, the music and the scene!

I’m lost for words. The eternal love; the bass, music, sounds, boys and girls, collective, soldiers, crew and the army that was lost.

In one word it is just Magic!

* It has specifically been refered to as dumb’n’bass by one and blipp-blopp by another, but they are both (obviously) misinformed, misguided and simply lacking basic musical insight as are everyone else questioning the drum and the bass.**

** It is a coincidence, temporarily it can’t be. and there’s really no reason to to. The phrase, the name was coined by someone many, many years before the actual music existed. It is truly a state of mind and it shares commons wuth other similar lines of thoughts, to my mind…

*** Nothing but love, I’m just playing.