Fail By Design?

5-pack - Lightningkablar iPhone X/8/7/ 6S/ 6/ 5S/ 5C/ 5/

I’m just saying… charging cables packed and sold five at the time? Is there possibly something flawed with the original design/concept?

Co-incentally this is the 900 post (not counting the ones censored in the past and in the possible future).

I was once asked at the 300 mark or so:

– Why, do you write these texts and who’s ever going to read what you’re writing?

It was as funny then as it is funny now. I don’t know that anyone ever will/would. That’s not reason why. Obviously, I hope that someone of the 7700 000 000 000 people alive today is reading (I happen to know that I have some readers albeit not that many) some of the texts. Why would you ask something like that? If I may ask in turn?

I suppose it’s a question of perspective, and that it must have to do with your relation to the rest of the World. Never ever be in the wrong. And there’s a guaranteed method of achieving that “objective” and that is to do/produce/interact as little as possible. Then you will be more or less certain of always being in the right.

I obviously don’t share that perspective.