It Is Sounding Alright – Can I Get A Third Deck?

You have to see/hear it to believe it!

A DJ requesting a third deck (1210)? That is something very special. It is probably a special night and you are well specialized doing something like that.

The added complexity? 1210 x 3? Mixing three instead of two at the same time? And making it all work? I’ve seen/heard that very few times in my entire life. I once saw/heard records physically being played in reverse – an ingenious and surprisingly simple/complicated maneuver.

If you’re playing vinyl on the wheels of steel that is. Aha! It’s the ol’ turn-pickup-upside-down-and-center-apply-the-ashtray-maneuver… if you happen to be listening, if you hear three songs/tracks mixed at the same time, in perfect unison? That’s…

– Can I get a third, deck? Please?
– We have two? A third 1210? Where? A third?
– I want a third… I need a third deck tonight. I’m playing for my friends.

On two/three? Inigo Kennedy and Adam Bayer for sure, there may have been others… on the three. That’s just pure magic! You are well specialized.

– I collect and at times play records.
– So, you are a DJ?
– No, I’m not a DJ. I collect and play records once in a while.

Please, don’t get confused. They are well specialized.