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Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)

October 23rd, 2019

I’m just saying… RZA As Bobby Digital ‎– In Stereo, “Kiss Of A Black Widow” featuring none-other than ODB, (RIP, 1968-2004).

– Do I lock on beyond the break?

This is hip-hop (East-Coast anno 1998) and you need to understand that. It is: 8-bit sample, drum machine and rhymes. It is based/infused in the minimal of the minimal. Why? Because, those were the technical limitations. Either build-your-own or do with what is at hand.

Turntables, 8-bit sample-, drum-machine, microphone, amplifier and speakers. That is the music, there’s no room for discussions or negations, it just not possible.

It is a spiritual thing. It’s Art; like Jazz, Classical or any other music. Defining it? I don’t think it possible*. Is it related to drum’n’bass? Mm, that would be other music. It is not entertainment. It is in fact a question of life and death.

I can not oversee the movies connected: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai or The Man with the Iron Fists. RZA…? I think that it’s better if just for once remain silent and show gratitude thankfulness for the productions.

For the record (no punt intended). I’ve never, ever visited North America, NY, Miami or SF. My father was strongly opposed to the whole idea, that is not the reason though… the East, West, Mid-south and a rocket launch? I might still go. Musically? Please stop joking.

* 30 years later. “Samurai Showdown”? I don’t want to, I will not try to explain how superior this is, the techniques and the ideas… I simply will not do it. This is an: OST. The actual film? It is one of my all-time favorites. The whole thing is just unbelievable/unberable.

Photo: timeout.com, ©2017

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