Frank And Bill/Laurent Brondel, Untitled [Skam – SMAK11/12, 2003]


At last this record got released and it’s FAB’s contribution to the ever growing and exclusive Smak split series. Other familiar faces here at Electronic Desert that has previously contributed to the Smak series include New Speaks’ Ola Bergman. This is another excellent release by the grossly underrated duo known as Frank and Bill. Their side, which would be 12 features three beautiful compositions filled to the brim with beats and breathtaking melodies.Starting off with some solid beat programming and atmosphere in “Pontiak” fused with an ending tasteful break and a hint of glitch makes the track work beautifully. “Early Morning Mambo” displays the warmth of the FAB sound to the fullest, the beats and the layers of melodic elements contrast in a very harmonic way. Did I mention their melodic strength? On to the third and last track and also my favourite on this release, “K20” is a classic in the making! It’s saturated with melancholy, superb forward moving crunchy beats and a melody to die for. The vocal influenced and played sounds complete the sonic picture. It’s an instant replay and it’s safe to say that Frank and Bill are going from strength to strength.The individual dwelling on the other side of the vinyl (actually I suspect it is the first side or 11, but I’m the one doing the reviewing here) is Laurent Brondel and his contribution differs in almost every conceivable aspect from FAB’s. “Siliconized”, “Synchronized” and “Materialized” could have been three beats intense electro-influenced excursions, landing in the harsher sonic spectrum, but the overtly use of vocorised vocals and generic use of female ones, completely spoils that attempt. However, it is positive to use the split format fully and you literally get a two-records-in-one deal. Take your pick. If you manage to get your hands on a copy, that is.