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Little Bear + Msg

July 17th, 2019

It is a photo of my steel horse aka my Pieni musta Karhu, but I completely missed the message (msg) in the background until just now. And I do concur, fully with the msg.

Frankly the whole thing – the ASAP Rocky business is embarrassing and troublesome to the entire nation.

I’m again forced to be ashamed. Is this a legitimate legal action or is it yet another attempt by a Swedish prosecutor to (ever) get International attention and thereby enhance their legal career?

It is serious because it questions the legal system itself and the whole “All is equal in front of the law” concept? And what about the whole Assange debacle? Do we see any similarities?

– How many daily scuffles, altercations, beatings and shooting does not end up in a Swedish court? Guilty or not, do you have to be a globally know person in order to be detained or what? I feel deep insecurity and I’m not a globally know person mind you.

Evading the long arm of the law? May I suggest a quick glance at the current tour schedule or contact the record company/parents/legal guardians in the US?

Otherwise it is black-and-white and vice versa as it were – the bike and the poster.

Waiting to put new shoes on the little black bear and assemble the little golden puma aka Pieni kultainen Puuma. Please see: I Want To Ride My Bike and Project 7005.

* I can assure you that it is a purely coincidental composition. I did not see the poster when I parked/took the photo. It is what is know as chance or coincidence ie. it was and is non-intentional by all purposes.

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