We Who Are Not As Others

Hmm, the title says it all really. Yes, it is a track title (obviously) recently revisited, twice actually. I’m opposed naming/identifying “the best” or top-ten best or anything of the sort, however there are exceptions…

And in that category there’s no way of escaping 4 Hero’s Two Pages album. There’s simply no way (that I know of), and I mean that literally, there’s no possibility what so ever. Not in this existing or any other parallel universe.

Speaking of which, that would be the (the next in line, but in reality it turned out to be Icarus – Fijaka* – Recordings Of Substance ‎– HEMP 30 CD – 1999).

* I know the album is in all eventually called nothing else than “Fijaka”.

** The picture is completely unrelated by the way. It is: a die cast figurine of “Den lille havfrue” ontop of one of two Dali Ikon 1 speakers.The file name is: “two_danes_300” and the suffix is .jpg it should be .png but helas it is not.