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WordPress Update 5.2 Failing Miserably

May 11th, 2019

I wanna kill everyone, Satan is good, Satan is our pal.Astrobotnia, 2002

The “update” shattered my meticulous adopted theme completely. Literally trashed it, I’m still disgusted. And I’m not in the mood to rebuild. It will look hideous for some time to come.

The previous +25 working updates are but a distant happy memory at this point… the data is still intact but I must extend my deepest and sincere apologies of the present appearance-

But, it is in all honesty it’s out of my control/hands (and I’m not referring to the “jazz” equivalent…). I have to manually rebuild the entire thing and I’m more than reluctant to do so, You’ll have to do with the data for now.

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