Örebro Acid City, Sweden

As it happened, by pure chance or divine intervention… I’m not close to being qualified to have a say in that matter.

Never mind, putting all that aside I do concur without any objections what-so-ever! I did have my suspicions, but they were hidden/rooted a very, very long time ago.

It’s been a while since I heard or listened to Acid and my background is break-based you might say.

However, I do beleive that all my suspicions/memories have been validated.

Have I ever been to Örebro? You may ask, rightfully? No, I don’t think so, I probably have passed it at some point traveling through my fair country but as far as visiting? No it is unlikely. Would I want to visit? Now? Yes!

And it being “Acid City, Sweden” does not seem outlandish at all to me and the reasons for this are numerous.

I love electronic music! And I love (almost) all the people involved in electronic music. And I love the Culture and I love the determination. Basically, I love everything about it and I have personally been doing so for at least three decades or so.

Börft Rec..