Fedaden, Fedaden [Nacopajaz – NCJCD03, 2006]

Fedaden is reportedly exactly 50% of recently written about Del Wire (FEB 2006) and one would be forced to make the same conclusion about Fedaden’s solo efforts: it’s not hard to like them. Fedaden’s self-entitled album is comprised by nine excellent tracks and in likeness with Del Wire the subtle references and clever incorporations of… Continue reading Fedaden, Fedaden [Nacopajaz – NCJCD03, 2006]

Del Wire, 01 [Nacopajaz – NCJCD02, 2005]

It’s not hard to like Del Wire’s full-length debut album “01” released on the French label amusingly named (it is to me anyhow) Nacopajaz. The album contains 14 well produced predominantly instrumental (except of the occasional vocal samples) and soothing hip hop based electronic tracks. There are also some very pleasant bass excesses incorporated on… Continue reading Del Wire, 01 [Nacopajaz – NCJCD02, 2005]