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October 21st, 2017

Firstly: this is literally a work in progress and no I do not have empirical evidence to support any of my claims (yet).

Secondly: if Mark Fisher had not taken the disastrous decision (he took his own life… a completely unacceptable behaviour that actually f***** me up even more, as if that was indeed possible. I for one did definitely not think so.).

I probably would not have made this public. I got a new strategy. And it makes sense in some sense. Mind over matter. Theory supersedes everything.

Thirdly: I have been watching (and listening) so long (too long) now. “Overstretch” and “overstay”, if you are familiar with the concepts or if you are not I have written about them.

Fourthly: I would love to go there but it is impossible. Pure barbarity going on in that part of the World. The oldest civilisation known to man? At least 5000 years old* and possibly twice as old, it just breaks my heart. Today? I am not setting my foot there. What a misery, what an incredible unfathomable tragedy.

Fifthly: “Acceleration”? Well, the social systems are not linear (capitalism is not an exception, then again there is this book called exactly that). They never were and they never will be. Eventually they will destroy all of humanity. Always.

Sixthly: there is this book called “Accelerando”, an excellent book* by the way. The audionom recommended it to me a very long time ago. So, what, why is that relevant? Well, it is relevant (in my mind (my lil’ sis’ is just going to love that)).

I had had the idea about “Acceleration” a long time before. I did have knowledge about the book. However it took me about a decade to actually read it. And the subject is altogether different. It is all about singularity. My concept of “acceleration” does not have anything to do with that.

It is strange. My little sister is the one holding a degree in social sciences (I have always been a sceptic and yes, you can include economics too). Lil’ sis’ is more than well deserved of course.

The book exists and I needed to comment its existence.

* 5000 years? You do realise that it is 3000 years before BC? Three thousand years before Jesus? There’s nobody living today that can build another one even if they wanted to… what a unfathomable tragedy. Humanity.

* Charles Stross

“You (I) cry and you tell me that you’re sorry.”

Now, that’s pure and proper drum’n’bass for you. That’s strictly no joke bizznizz right there! Wait! How is that remotely related to anything above? The simple and obvious answer is: there is no connection what so ever. I am listening to Fab & Groove while writing this text.

No? Have you read any history books lately or watched a news broadcast on the old “telly”?

The science.

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