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R Playing It Like That+

September 17th, 2017

You (I) would think that it would be lost love or something like that?

Nothing of the sort. It is actually surpricing and in all honesty it shoudln’t be that.

Jonas? You are surpriced? Really. Now? You are surpriced by the music?

– Yes, I am surpriced as in “I did not see it coming. I could not forsee it. I did not know…”

It is not complicated. It is a fact.

R knows. I did not get that far into the set. R, 1:59:XX? I was asleep? My lord. Playing like that?

I don’t care. I’ll be like that. R. That is pure science right there. No really. Pushing it like that? And then… unreal bass pressure 1:59:59 what the hell?

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