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Håkan Lidbo, 06.10.60 [Mitek – mitek5cd, 2002]

November 26th, 2002

hakan_lidboA musical collage of sorts, 6 tracks à 10 minutes each and all interconnected to give 60 minutes of continuous playtime, hence the title “06.10.60”. It’s already known that Håkan Lidbo is a man of many talents and it doesn’t seem to be any field in the electronic music sphere he doesn’t produce or put down into physical form. This time it is Mitek’s fifth CD release and it’s a full-length by the very same Lidbo. It’s dubbed out and contains lots of interesting sounds, minimal to say the least, yet with lots of structure. The 4/4 sets in and the micro-tech house sound that has become the trademark of Mitek grows to full force alongside some vocoder action thrown in for good measure as well. Keeping it short: if you’re into the minimal vein of things Lidbo’s “06.10.60” is most definitely worth checking out.

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