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What Is The Big Deal?

July 26th, 2017

Well, the music you are currently listening to has a rather long history.

And it really doesn’t matter what kind it is, what you may call it or what you are actually listening to.

It is an unfortunate consequence of the (should-be-feared) post-structuralism, since they did away with the concept of history all together.

The “long” part of the history bit does not apply just now I’m afraid.

I find it troublesome. There is no continuity because everything can always be deconstructed into something subjective?

But, that would mean that there is no history or essentially anything at all? Yes, it is a pathetically weak argument. If indeed it is an argument at all. However, no matter how weak my own argumentation against the current subjectivism may turn out to be I still claim, that it simply can not be correct. Becasue, there is history.

The pyramids are not subjective or are they? Nor, is the Place de la Concorde in Paris, I have been there, my mother, father, my grandmother and my little sister too, I saw it televised a month or so ago. There are artefacts from history that surely are not subjects of my or anyone’s living today subjective beliefs? In most cases we don’t even know what the signify? I must have misunderstood this whole concept.

It used to have a meaning (I claim it still has) a closely guarded secret. The kind of secret that is exclusively known to those who known or those who listen.

How do I tell if I know?

You can not. It does not work like that. Either you do or you don’t. There’s no test and you can’t ask mum or dad about that. And as in all other cases, no you can’t pay to know either.

What the hell does that mean? And what is the big deal?

Patience. If you happen to be reading this? That is more than 30 years spent in search of the bass. It doesn’t make me an expert, far from it. I’m just saying what I’m looking for. The search for the bass began a long time ago.

There are other musical avenues? 200 year old classical music or 60 year old jazz music or even more revolutionary rock music from the 1960’s?

I found excellent, brilliant, machine made music made in my own time, some of it is even made by people that I know. You don’t like it? I really don’t care about that and as far as I know I have never said anything else and that is the big deal…

How and why you would ever become that… strange? That is not how I view myself or the current situation, in fact it is quite the opposite. If you truly want to understand? Listen or talk to the makers, I strongly suggest that you listen to the music makers.

Digital Rasta!

Picture: Shadow. It’s that like an anti-anti-selfie? The sun in southern France at 35 centigrade temperature, just like I like it the perfect temperature.

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