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I Simply Should Have Said…

July 25th, 2017


But I didn’t, then again I never ever seem to have my smarty-pants on when I actually need them.

Why is that?

Maybe, just maybe it is due to the fact that I wear them all of the time?

So, the cat caught my tongue… in a matter of speaking.

The contrast between:

Stockholm suburb Kawaii (in my ignorance I assumed that it was a foreigner, that proposition was firmly rejected), the shrouded ones (les obscurantistes), the sleeping ones (les privilèges) , the officials and the politicians (les menteurs), the forgotten ones (qui?), the zombies (quoi?), the law enforcing ones and the security ones (…), the lost ones (c’est ici), the searching ones (c’est ici) and dansbandsveckan (…)?

It is starting to become really, really difficult for me to comprehend it all.

Picture: Kawaii Culture. I don’t know the artist’s name I’m afraid. I do like cats and the picture is as far as I know most definetly: Kawaii!!!

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