Proem, No_carrier EP [Component – COM108, 2002]

proem_no_carrierIf you’re already familiar with and appriciative of Proem’s work, such as the outstanding “Burnt Plate no.1” album on Hydrant or his “Negative” album on Merck then you’ll not be the least dissapointed of hearing this release. And if you’re not familiar with Proem’s work then the “no_carrier ep” strongly suggests that you should become familiar with it. The EP contains 6 tracks, all carrying the Proem insignia of expertly constructed beats, melodies and carefully selected sounds creating dynamic and very listenable tracks. “Just Ashed on my Foot” and the track entitled “No_carrier” are perfect examples of that, the first one with clever beats programming drifting forward alongside beautiful echoed piano chords. The second one features strong melody, strong sounds and equally strong beats. In reality there’re only two things that troubles me with this release and firstly it’s the actual length of the songs, they’re too short and secondly it’s the size, the 3″ CD is so small I’m terrified I’ll loose it while in transport. To summarize: this is an excellent EP from Proem.